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Room mates?

I hear that some people know the room mates before they onboard. 

How did you know? Is there a list or anything? 

I'd like to know so I can contact those people before I arrive, it sounds fun to me. 

Thanks a lot! 



  • RachelThompsonRachelThompson Posts: 33

    Hi Eline,

    We are looking forward to you joining us in Douala in November. Thank you for being willing to serve!

    Housing is a really big and dynamic project that the HR Office manage on board, and we can be re-shuffling cabins right up until a crew member's arrival on board! So, letting you know your cabin mates in advance could prove futile.

    However, if you know another crew member, we are open to requests so feel free to contact us via your placement facilitator if so.

    Thinking of you and praing for you as prepare to join us in country soon!


    HR Facilitator AFM
  • My sister and I are considering coming in August of 2019. We were hoping to room together if we are both accepted.  Would this be a possibility? 
  • Jeremy BrewerJeremy Brewer Posts: 82
    Hey Kayla Williams‍ ,

    Thank you so much for considering to come and serve with us at Mercy Ships as we bring hope and healing to the world's forgotten poor.  I'm Jeremy a Recruiter here at Mercy Ships, and I saw your question come up in myMercy, so I'm happy to help however I can..

    Rooming assignments on the Africa Mercy are determined and scheduled based on availability at the time of service.  While we do our best to accommodate individual requests, we can not make any guarantees.  I encourage you, when you have submitted your application and are working with your HR Facilitator, to make this request known to them.  I also encourage you to be open to the opportunity and adventure of rooming with someone else.  Many people love the opportunity to meet and bond with people from other countries, cultures, and walks of life while living on the ship and often form lifelong friendships as a result.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions and certainly keep reaching out and connecting with others here on myMercy.  It is an awesome community full of wisdom and experience.

    Grace and peace to you,

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