Overall and Work shoes. Pickup from airport

Hi @ all.
My Name is Robert. I will embark in the middle of September as 2nd eng.
My questions are. Did i have to bring a Overall and workshoes by my self?
And is there a Pickup from the Airport to the ship?
One more. Did i have the Chance to Go to the outside Projects to?
Thanks for your answers.
See you on the ship.


  • EricaSchmidt
    EricaSchmidt Member Posts: 3
    Hi Robert,

    My name is Erica and I am the Engineering Administrator on the M/V Africa Mercy, and we are very excited to hear that you are coming! To answer your questions, we do have PPE that we provide to arriving crew, but if you would like to bring your own you are more than welcome. In regards to the airport pickup, you will be met by a Mercy Ships crew member upon arrival and they will bring you to the ship in a Mercy Ships vehicle. They should be wearing either a Mercy Ships Hat, Mercy Ships branded clothing, or be holding a Mercy Ships sign for you to be able to identify them. When it comes to the outside projects, that is reserved for long term crew members who are serving for 2+ years. If you have any further questions I will be happy to answer them. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you on the ship!


  • RobertSchulz
    RobertSchulz Member Posts: 4
    Thanks a Lot for this answers.
    It is helpfull. For the outside Projects i Understand. I was Just thinking
    that i can visit somethink of this to see how ist the Situation and to meet some peoples.
    But OK i will meet plenty peoples on the ship:-)
    See you on the ship.
  • ChristophNerz
    ChristophNerz Member Posts: 11
    Hi Robert

    I am not sure what you ment with outside projects. But in your case you will have plenty of work on board. ;-)

    But in your free time you can go ashore and visit Cameroon and also what Mercy Ships is doing outside the ship. 

    You can also sign up for the Mercy Ministries where they visit local orphanages or similar things, or if you can help with the security in the dental or the eye screening. (again if you have enough energy left in your free time)

    Looking forward to meet you soon!

  • RobertSchulz
    RobertSchulz Member Posts: 4
    Hey Christoph. 

    ​Thanks for your Message. I think i have a lot of Energy. :-)

    ​But you are right. The main reponsibility is the work on the ship. 

    See you there. 

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