Arriving for the first time in Cmaroon in October

Hello. My name is Eudice Yudelevich and I will be arriving mid October. I am a nurse and will be living off shore and working in the Obstetric Fistula clinic.

I just read that the house is situated about 25 minutes from Mercy Ship. Is there transportation to the ship itself when needed/wanting to visit?

How is the house arranged? (meaning such things like cooking, cleaning laundry etc..) Ok just sort of saying a hello and reaching out to any one who will be living there as well.



  • Larina Brink
    Larina Brink Member Posts: 3
    Hi! Welcome to Mercy Ships! I know you will love it! I also will be living in a team house, but haven't heard which of the two I am in yet. I have never done that before so I am learning too. I do know that there are vehicles to take to the ship you just have to work together with your housemates to coordinate whose going where and when. I was told that the house would have a wash machine and maybe a dryer to do your own laundry in (you have to buy your own detergent from the ship shop). There will be someone who cooks your dinner and breakfast is usually gotten on your own from what is provided by the ship. hope that helps a little. Many of us are learning right along side you! :) ~Larina
  • Eudice Yudelevich
    Eudice Yudelevich Member Posts: 3
    Hi Larina

    Thanks for the reply. It's nice to "hear" a voice from out there.

    Im sure things get clearer as you move along. Hope to meet you.

  • JaneCrist
    JaneCrist Member Posts: 6
    Hi gals! My name is Jane, from USA & will be arriving in February 2018 to work offshore OBF Clinic. Very interested in anything shared by those already serving at the clinic. What to expect, what to bring, etc. 
  • Hi Jane

    Ill be leaving in a few weeks so keep in touch and I'll let you know more when I arrive. Eudice
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