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Packing List/ scrubs/ sheets



   My name is Kaylynn and I am a nurse in Pennsylvania. I was wondering if there is a basic packing list to work from to prepare for Cameroon? I will be doing the OnBoarding for two months and then 6 months on Africa Mercy. 

Also do we purchase scrubs on the ship when we get there? or should we have them prior to leaving home?

One last question (for now haha), do we need to bring bed sheets and a pillow?

Much thanks,




  • heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Director of Staffing Posts: 92 admin
    Hi Kaylynn,

    Great questions! Have you seen this packing list

    No, you don't need to bring sheets or a pillow unless you want to bring your own. 

    At On Boarding your bedding and towels are also provided. Have you gotten the information about On Boarding yet? There should be some packing tips for Texas included in that as well. :)
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