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​I am Michael Khantal, I am an Engineering Technologist (Btech: Electrical Engineering). I have read and heard about the greatdwork your organisation is doing and I really wish to be part through voluntery work. I am hugely skilled and experienced in

Electronic and Embeded systems (Design, Trouble shooting and Fault finding).

Computer and information systems (Hardware and Software) 

I can also function as a programer (C#, Java).  

I am Cameroonian, currently residing in Cape Town South Africa. I am readily available and willing to begin work immediatey

​Contact me: +27733121852

[email protected]



  • TesseLovelessTesseLoveless Talent Brand Manager Posts: 91 admin

    ​Hello! And thank you for your support and interest in serving with us. Thomas Roacho‍, our Technical Recruiter, or Shelley Modisette‍, our Technical Staffing Manager, would both be great resources for you in identifying volunteer roles that suit your skillset and background. I've tagged them in this post, and you're also welcome to reach out and connect with them directly. We hope to see you onbord one day soon!

    ​Best Regards,

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