Jennie Haydock
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I would love some advice about fundraising for my time in Cameroon. Many friends are wanting to give, is there a way they can give through a giving website but me then being able to use that money to cover my board? All advice would be so appreciated


  • SheilaYoung
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    Hi Jennie, 

    Thank you for your message and I am happy to help!  First, it is great that you have individuals that would like to donate to Mercy Ships on your behalf.  Once you are a further along in the process you will receive an email from the FinACE ( Financial Accountability Coaching and Encouragement )  department. The letter will include information to your local Mercy Ships office in the United Kingdom, and we will request your financial responses to ( 5 ) questions regarding your financial plan / strategy to fund your service. Once we have received your response and if you indicate that you would like to process donations through Mercy Ships then FinACE will request a Designation Code for you which would serve as your support raising account number.  If you have immediate questions to giving opportunities in the UK please contact Hannah Mulvihill at [email protected] or you may call her at 01438 347493.

    If you have any further questions you may also email [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.

    Grace and peace, 

    Sheila Young
    FinACE Manager

  • KathleenDempsey
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    Hi Jennie,

    In addition to support being sent directly to Mercy Ships on your behalf, I did a Go Fund Me campaign on Facebook also. They have both been very successful!

  • Hi

    This is Dr Ravishankar FRCS(edin)UK, from India.

    will be volunteering doing eye surgeries on young kids between 20-27 Jan 2018 along with Dr Uma , my wife also a eye surgeon.

    Can you please let me know how to raise resources towards expenses for the Mercyships volunteering costs- Travel, Stay and food.

    Any excess I shall happily donate to Mercyships.


    Dr Ravishankar

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