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Bathroom problems ?

I am a 63 year old mother of 9 children ages 19-39 and now have the freedom to volunteer up to 3 months as I am still married and that is the rule. My husband cannot volunteer as he works full-time.

I applied to be a hostess and my availability is for the Jan-June 2019 ship in Guinea. I was wondering about the bathroom and sleeping arrangements. I have the need to use the bathroom several times during the night and I do not want to disturb anyone with using the facilities. Does anyone know if this would be a problem for those sharing a room, especially with 6 in a room?

I also want to stay strong and healthy during the time on ship. How are the exercise facilities?

Thanlkyou. I am from Lancaster,PA if anyone else is from this way.


  • BrendaBraxtonBrendaBraxton Posts: 24
    Hello MaryAnn. Good for you!  I served on the ship for 3 1/2 months in Benin. (I am widowed, so was able to serve longer than 3 months.) I will be returning to the ship in Cameroon at the end of Decemeber and staying for 5 months. 

    I am 54 and have 6 grown children, and I understand the bathroom issue! I was in a 6 person cabin with 5 lovely women all young enough to be my children! I was so blessed in that even though I was the last to arrive, I got a bottom bunk next to the bathroom. :) All I can tell you is pray, and communicate your needs with your cabin mates. Everyone I met on the ship was so gracious and giving, I think they will work with you. It's possible you will be placed in a cabin with fewer people. And since you're not going until 2019, maybe you'll even be on the new ship, where all the cabins have only 2 people. 

    God bless you,

  • BrendaBraxtonBrendaBraxton Posts: 24
    Oh, and there is a very small gym on the ship, and a pool. The pool will definitely give you a workout, because due to the movement of the ship, it produces constant waves! 
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