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Is shipping from possible? Is it cost effective? 


  • StuartClearStuartClear Posts: 2
    Hi Josh,

    Yes it is. You would address them to the Texas office, using instructions that are available on our intranet. From there you can either pay for them to come via the Crew Mail or send them for free via the contianer. Send via Crew Mail only takes 1-2 weeks, but is only cost effective for very small and light items. Sending via container is free for items of all sizes, but takes 2-3 months.


  • Thank you very much for this information! That is very helpful.
  • sam-the-mansam-the-man Posts: 13

    My name is Sam, can I get boxes from family or friends

  • purser-afmpurser-afm Posts: 11

    Hi Sam,

    Stuart Clear's above shipping explanation from May 2017 still applies. The box can be shipped to the warehouse directly from a vender or from family/friends.


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