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Scrub Sizes

I will be serving as a nurse on the Africa Mercy starting in August. I was wondering about the size range on the scrubs: do they have extra small? Thank you!


  • Hi Sarah! Yes, there are extra small scrubs available on the ship. 
  • JasminHuangJasminHuang Posts: 9
    What about extra-extra-small? I may sound like I'm joking, but that's the size I wear... ō__ō;;


  • Jasmin, 

    I have trouble with the scrubs here because of the way they are shaped. In the U.S. I wear small. Here, small is too small, but medium is too big. So I have to wear the mediums. I also brought a few from home so that at least on some days my clothes fit! Anyway, I tell you this to say that XS will probably work for you. 

  • HyeonjeongBaeHyeonjeongBae Posts: 10
    When do you usually order your size . After or before getting on the ship?
  • AngelaFischerAngelaFischer Posts: 8

    Do they have XL sizes ?

  • HannahMulvihillHannahMulvihill Posts: 55

    @AngelaFischer : We have a very well stocked locker room full of scrubs in every size for you to use. You are welcome to bring some of your own scrubs if you would be more comfortable and also for Funky Scrubs Friday but be assured that there are plenty of scrubs for you to use onboard

    Hannah Mulvihill
    UK Crew Support Coordinator

  • HannahMulvihillHannahMulvihill Posts: 55

    @HyeonjeongBae You can simply go down to the locker room before your shift and choose which scrubs you would like. There are always plenty to choose from.

    Hannah Mulvihill
    UK Crew Support Coordinator

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