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Food - How Do You Get Money For It?

I was curious and on the website it really just said "The person pays for the food." So how does one go about getting money for food and clothing etc.? I am very interesting in joining, but I do not have any way to make money while I am over there. I have some money I could bring for food initally, however after that runs out, where do I get it from?


  • RyanCardozaRyanCardoza Posts: 4

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks for registering for myMercy!

    The Africa Mercy is made up of a team of volunteers. Each crew member pays a set price every month, called crew fees, that covers food and housing expenses. Most crew either raise support from donors or save up funds before volunteering for the ship.

    Some positions provide uniforms, but those that don't expect that you'll bring the clothes you'll need for work with you.

    What deparment or positions are you interested in?



    Ryan Cardoza

    Senior IS Support Specialist

    Africa Mercy (Cotonou, Benin)

  • Thanks for the follow up!

    Currently I am an IT Engineer, Citrix/VMware/Windows/RHEL to be more exact. I would be looking for something in the IT field, from lower tiers to higher level Engineers or Leads (right now I am Lead Citrix Engineer for Airforce Central Command), whatever the need would be I could most likely (hopefully) fill.

    What is a rough "guestimate" on monthly crew fee's? Thanks!!

  • RyanCardozaRyanCardoza Posts: 4
    Casey -

    Impressive experience! I am going to tag a few of our IS managers for followup with you.

    Crew fees are based on your total time of commitment, total number of visits to the ship and the nation you are from. They can be found at the link below.

    You'll find a good write up of a typical day as a IS Support Specialist at the link below.

    Hope to talk more soon!

    - Ryan

    CC: Chris GreggJonathan DysonStuart Clear‍ 
  • Thanks! My LinkedIn account is I am pretty sure up to date with all my certifications, clearances, and degree's. I think I am the only Casey Cockfield that comes up in the LinkedIn community if you search for it :P my name is pretty unique!
  • RyanCardozaRyanCardoza Posts: 4
    Casey -

    I'll have a look and forward it on!

    Just as a heads up, way off the topic of food, but the following positions are currently needed.

    In Texas (paid positions) -​
    • AV Engineer
    • Information Security Director
    • IS Service Desk Manager
    • Senior Network and System Engineer
    On Board Vessel (volunteer positions) -
    • AV Technician
    • IS Support Specialist
    - Ryan
  • TesseLovelessTesseLoveless Talent Brand Manager Posts: 90 admin
    Hi, ​Casey Cockfield‍!

    ​I'm Tesse, a Recruiter here at Mercy Ships, and I assist in staffing IS vacancies onboard. Ryan Cardoza‍ has done an amazing job with assisting you so far. If you have any further questions, or would like to learn more about how to get started, you're welcome to reach out to me directly at http://[email protected]. I'm here to help!

    ​Thanks again for your support and interest in serving with us!

    Best Regards,

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