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Waiting to Hear Back

To Whom It May Concern,

I sent in the requested 3 references and physical evaluation to apply for final acceptance at the beginning of this month, and I was wondering how long it usually took to hear back? I was also concerned all my paperwork was sent through properly. Thank you!

Mica Kondryszyn


  • Jared ChaconJared Chacon Posts: 33 - Alumni
    Hi Mica,

    We'll make sure someone on our staffing team contacts you with an update ASAP!


  • Thank you!

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  • heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Posts: 89 admin
    Hi Mica,

    Emailing you now! Look out for it in your inbox!
  • Hello Mercy Team- I have the same question as Mica. I sent in my applications, doctor evaluation and personal references last week and I am wondering if they were received by the team. Please let me know when you have a chance. Thanks in advance for your help. 

  • heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Posts: 89 admin
    Hi Gabrielle, 

    I haven't seen those documents come through - can you let me know where (or to whom) they were sent so I can investigate further? 

    Also - when are you available? I see you were pre-qualified as a Cook back in January, and we do have openings in the Galley at the moment (now and in the future). 

    I'd love to get the ball rolling again! Let me know how I can help - [email protected] 

  • Hi Heather- I just re-sent the application and references to you. Please let me know if you do not receive them.  

    Thank you and have a great day. 

    Gabrielle Kennedy 
  • Hi Mica,

    I emailed you on April 13.  Did you receive it?  If not, please check your junk mail folder to see if it's there.

  • bric1990bric1990 Posts: 3

    good evening to all I applied to the position of qualified seaman it is about two days I wanted to know at which level is my file I really want to serve mercyship with heart thank you very much

  • sam-the-mansam-the-man Posts: 16

    Dear Gabrielle

    My name is Sam Vincent, I have been accepted in the gallery department. When are you serving?

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