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What are the cabins like?

allisonholiskiallisonholiski International Support CenterPosts: 52 admin
Each cabin is designed to maximize space, and most have a private bathroom, small closet and desk area for each person, and internet access. If you're a single crew member, you'll bunk in a multi-berth cabin. A limited number of double-berth cabins are reserved for married couples (pictured) and a few cabins are available for families serving long-term.



  • MelissaMasonMelissaMason Posts: 13
    Hi Allison,

    Do you also have photos of the sleeping quarters in the multi-berth and double-berth cabins? Would be great to see!
  • allisonholiskiallisonholiski International Support CenterPosts: 52 admin
    Hi Melissa,

    Yes, I'll see if we can get some quick pictures of the other cabins posted for you!
  • Leesa SimsLeesa Sims Posts: 2
    are there pictures of multi cabin rooms
  • RyanCardozaRyanCardoza Posts: 4
    Hi Leesa -

    Here is a link to a video of Don Stephens giving a tour of a 4 berth cabin.


  • Hi I'm Julie and my husband, Keith and I will be coming onboard on April 1, 2018. We've been told we will have a cabin for a married couple. Does that mean we'll have a double bed or will we have two bunks? I'd like to plan for the proper sheets and blankets.

  • TesseLovelessTesseLoveless Talent Brand Manager Posts: 90 admin

    ​We're glad you and Keith are joining us soon! Our married couple cabins are outfitted with a double bed. Also, I did want you to know that we do provide one bath towel, fitted sheet, a duvet with a cover, a pillow, and pillowcase for all crew. If you'd like to bring something in addition, that is entirely up to you.

    ​Thank you! We look forward to seeing you both in April!

    Best Regards,


  • Thanks, Tesse! We're excited to be joining the crew in 6 weeks!
  • We are coming in July 2018.  We have 3 small children.  Can someone provide some photos of a family of 5 living space?  I was going to buy foldable containers to fit under the beds.  Is there space?  I know sheets are provided but if you bring extra fun ones for the kids are they a typical twin size?
  • TesseLovelessTesseLoveless Talent Brand Manager Posts: 90 admin
    Hi, John -

    ​Hello! First, let me say how glad we are that you and your family plan to serve with us. I'm Tesse, a Recruiter here at Mercy Ships.

    ​To start, I'd like to provide a link of an excellent post that one of our parents created about life onboard with a family, and how to prepare. You can find it here:

    ​Concerning cabins, here is a link to video created by Carys Parker - Dr. Parker's daughter - who is currently serving onboard. You can see her giving a tour of her family's cabin starting around minute 2:10. Her whole video series on serving with Mercy Ships is great, if you have a chance to view it! And yes, to answer your question, twin size sheets are perfect.

    ​I hope this information assists you! We're here to support you as you prepare. We'll see you guys soon!



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