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Working in the ... Laundry!

Read below for a very quick overview of what it's like to serve in the LAUNDRY ROOM on the Africa Mercy:

Monday--Friday 0800--1700.

There are two laundry rooms: general crew and hospital. If you work in the general laundry, you will be responsible to wash all mops, deck coveralls, rags, dish towels, and bedding from departing crew. If you work in the hospital, you will be resonsible for all hospital laundry--scrubs, patient sheets, towels, blankets, etc.

Who You'll Work With:
You'll work with 1-3 day crew or crew, depending on how busy the work load is that day!

What's to Love:
Both the general and hospital laundry rooms see a lot of people come and go every day. You will get to know the whole crew in the general laundry room because at some point or another, everyone comes through there! Working in the hospital gives you the chance to interact with patients and caregivers. 


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