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Working as a ... Hostess!

Read below for a very quick overview of what it's like to serve as a HOSTESS on the Africa Mercy:

Monday--Friday 0800--1700; hold the duty pager for 24 hours during the week and for rotating weekends (you will get days off in compensation for working the weekend).

Prepare cabins for all incoming crew and guests. Go through the embarkation process and give a standard ship tour to all new crew. Set up for all functions on board--ranging for weekly management meetings to a visiting Head of State! Bake cookies for birthdays and new crew. The Hospitality work load goes in stages--some weeks it's incredibly busy and other weeks there is more down time. On weeks with down time, you will probably do lots of random things--inventories, extra projects, or helping out other departments.

Who You'll Work With:
A team of 4 crew total--you will work with 3 other people.

What's to Love:
The hospitality department is a small, close-knit team. The hostesses enjoy having regular devotions and activities together. No two weeks are ever the same! You will be the first face that new crew meet upon boarding the ship, which is really special. Hostesses joke that they feel a little like parents; they often check up on the new arrivals their first few days on board to answer any questions and see how they're doing. 






  • Hi Katie,

    My name is Stefania, I'm from Switzerland. I will serve onboard from September 9th until January 5th, 2019 as a hostess.

    I just had a quick question…I'm especially interested to know how does it work when the hostess give tour of the welcome on the Africa Mercy. Could you kindly provide me a procedure, with a map detail of the ship or a written description of the tour so I can memorize it. I want to prepare myself to welcome crew and guests, what can I do in my side before arriving on the Africa Mercy? Will someone train me to know the ship ?


  • KatieStullKatieStull Posts: 19
    Hi Stefania!

    I’m so excited you are joining! You are in for an adventure!

    I’m actually not on the ship anymore so I don’t have access to those files. I have copied the Crew & Guest Services Manager, Brad Morgan, who can help you!

    Enjoy your time!!


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  • Thank you for your help smiley

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