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Working as a ... Housekeeper!

Read below for a very quick overview of what it's like to serve as a HOUSEKEEPER on the Africa Mercy:

Monday--Friday 0800--1700; hold the duty pager for 24 hours during the week and for rotating weekends (you will get days off in compensation for working the weekend). 

Keeping the entire ship (minus deck & engineering areas) clean and tidy! This includes the hospital, which must be kept up to industry standards!

Who You'll Work With:
You'll work with a mixture of local day crew and crew.

What's to Love:
Working so closely with day crew is a privilege! Each day all of the housekeepers are assigned to a deck; 2 people to a deck. Usually it's 1 day crew and 1 crew member. That way you get to work closely with all the day crew and really get to know them and their culture. A lot of housekeepers go visit their day crew's home and churches. Also, even though you aren't part of the medical team, you will get to work in the hospital and get to know patients and caregivers!






  • TesseLovelessTesseLoveless Talent Brand Manager Posts: 91 admin
    Teri Race‍ - this is the blog I referenced. I hope this is helpful to you also! Again, thank you for your support and commitment to serve with us!


  • Katie,

    What is the 24 hrs with the pager like? Are we paged in the middle of the night? What typically happens on the 24-hr pager shift (like common emergencies)?

    Love that we engage with day crew and patients in the hospital on a regular basis! So looking forward to it.

    Also, what are the duties/schedule like when we arrive in the Grand Canaries and the ship is under maintenance?


  • CarolineKirchnerCarolineKirchner Posts: 35 ✭✭

    Hi Keelee, I worked as a housekeeper a couple years back. I worked in dry dock for a week, the sail and then for a few weeks in Benin. It was the best! The 24 hour pager rarely goes off, but it necessary in case housekeeping is needed for anything. If you have the pager over a weekend, you really can’t leave the ship, although if the pager holder needed to leave the ship for a few hours there someone on our team was always glad to carry it if needed. In dry dock and on the sail, there were more deep cleaning type things to do and of course the week before the sail is all about “battening down the hatches” so to speak (ie tying things down that might slide during the sail, etc.). Hope that helps...

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