Working as ... Dining Room Staff!

Read below for a very quick overview of what it's like to serve as DINING ROOM STAFF on the Africa Mercy:

There are two dining room teams so you have a rotating schedule. You will work 2 days on and 2 days off, plus every other weekend. It's a rotating two-week schedule. On week 1 you work: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. On Week 2 you work: Wednesday, Thursday. Hours during duty days are around meal times: 0530--0830 for breakfast, 1000--1330 for lunch, and 1600--1930 for dinner. Outside of those hours are your breaks. So it makes for a long day but with two good breaks in between. On the weekends no hot lunch is served (crew can pack a lunch at breakfast or go off ship) so you have a good 7 hour break in the middle of the day.

Set up and service of all food and beverages in the dining room. This includes labelling the food and checking with the galley team leader on any pertinent information so that you can answer questions from people in the line. Keeping all drinks full and restocking items like napkins, S&P, and tea!

Who You'll Work With:
You'll work with a mixture of local crew and day crew--there will be around 10 people total on your team. 

What's to Love:
You will be on the same schedule as the dining room team--and every other weekend, you all have a three day weekend! A lot of cooks and dining room staff make plans together for their days off. People also comment on how working equally with day crew is very rewarding--a good way to get to know the culture you are living in! Crew members will often visit day crew intheir churches or homes on their days off. 




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