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Working as a ... Cook!

Read below for a very quick overview of what it's like to serve as a COOK on the Africa Mercy:

There are two galley teams so you have a rotating schedule. You will work 2 days on and 2 days off, plus every other weekend. It's a rotating two-week schedule. On week 1 you work: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. On Week 2 you work: Wednesday, Thursday. Hours are from 0800--1900 if you are on dish duty or 0800--1600 if you're not! smiley (Dish duty rotates.) 

You will either be placed on hot side or cold side. Hot side is responsible for the main dishes: rice, pasta, sauces, steamed vegetables, etc. Cold side is responsible for all salad bar and fruit prep. 

Who You'll Work With:
You'll work with a mixture of local crew and day crew--there will be around 10 people total on your team. 

What's to Love:
You will be on the same schedule as the dining room team--and every other weekend, you all have a three day weekend! A lot of cooks and dining room staff make plans together for their days off. People also comment on how working equally with day crew is very rewarding--a good way to get to know the culture you are living in! Crew members will often visit day crew intheir churches or homes on their days off. 







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