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I am flying to Benin in 4 weeks!

I have reviewed my flights and it looks like I go from USA to Brussels then to Benin with a one-hour "stop" in Ivory Coast. 

If anyone I stay on the plane in Ivory Coast?  Is this unusual/usual?

When I arrive in the do I get to the ship?  From the AFM arrival/departure list, it looks like a driver will come to pick me and a few others up.  How does that person locate his/her arrivals?  With a sign?  Our names? 

Please advise :)

<>< Jennifer


  • JasperRingoirJasperRingoir Member Posts: 1
    Hi Jennifer,

    Great that you are coming to the ship!

    During the stop in Ivory Coast you normally stay on the plane, for many people this wil be their final destiantion so they will get of and they might re-fuel.

    At the airport in Cotonou you will be picked up, it isn't a big airport so if you walk outside you will see someone from Mercy Ships waiting for you or they will see you ;)

    The person picking you up will have a list with the names and there might be one or more cars depending on the amount of people arriving on the same plane.

    see you in a few weeks!
  • daggettjdaggettj Member Posts: 4
    thank you!  Appreciate the details.  God has brought me this far....I knew He wouldn't leave me at the airport...

    Excited to be serving after 9 months of planning :)

    <>< Jennifer
  • AllyJonesAllyJones Director of Global Recruiting Administrator Posts: 125 admin
    Jasper is correct; you receive all the instructions you need from the Stewards on the plane. A nice opportunity to stretch your legs around the plane & see if you can spot any other Mercy Shippers!
  • Natalie BealNatalie Beal Member Posts: 1
    Hi Jennifer,

    I am also an OR nurse from Perth Australia  and will be arriving on the ship on the 19th for 4 weeks-so I'm sure I'll see you around! 

    Natalie : )
  • Jennifer DaggettJennifer Daggett Member Posts: 2

    i will look for you!  We will probably spend a lot of time together.  I am only able to stay for 2 weeks (this time:)

    See you soon!  The countdown is on!!:)

    <>< Jennifer
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