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Volunteering with others

 I am interested in volunteering with a friend but we would be working in different departments. We would want to travel together and work during the same time frame on the ship, is this possible? Would they take this interest into consideration when giving us assignments? 


  • heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Director of Staffing Posts: 93 admin
    Hi Katelyn,

    We can try to organize this as much as possible, but it also depends on the timing of the vacancies you'd be filling, etc. Have you applied yet? We can certainly keep it in mind whilst reviewing your application(s). 

  • Hey Katelyn

    I'm crew on the AFM since over a year. Have been short and long termer. It is great if you can come with a friend but also be aware that the ship is such a great place to get to know many new people from all around the world. The community is one of the greatest things in the Mercy Ships experiance. Don't miss out on it! Give yourself and your friend the chance to get to know other people. There are always plenty of people around that want to travel during their days off. Even if you two end up with a different schedule on some days, you definitly will find other people. 

    Sometimes it is hard to get into a whole new community, but if you're open to it it is such a blessing. 

    I hope to meet you and your friend on board soon!

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