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Hi, Please call me Scott :)

I am so excited to be returning to serve on the ship. This will be my 7th time on mission with Mercy Ships.

Each time gets better than the last. God never dissapoints.

Benin holds a special place in my heart. 10 years ago to the month was my first time to Africa and to Benin to serve with Mercy Teams. There I met an amazing woman, Daslin Small, She is the reason I love coming to Africa and working with MercyShips. She was the nurse manager on the Anistasis before the Africa Mercy came online. . Over the years between Mercy Teams and myself bringing teams to Benin with my wife , my family and I grew to Love Daslin and her family. Cant wait to see them soon! 

I have been a nurse for 34 years with experence ranging from NICU, cath lab, cardiovascular and pumonary rehab, orthopedic surgery and the last

12 years has been a combination of outpatient peds, ped and adult emergency medicine. Currently I work as a contract nurse with the US Navy in a naval hospital ER.

Though I have a lot of years of being a nurse I always learn something new everyday...working on the ship along side with nurses from other countries always affords me the chance to  learn even more.

Cant wait to get to the ship to make new friends and see old ones


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