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This is Fang, From China

This is Fang,and I come from Mainland of China. I hope I can be a volunteer in Mercy ship in this June. As housekeeper or anything I can do?

My English is just sosososososo……I want to know if the work is difficult for me?


  • Hi Fang, english is my second language too, working/living on the ship for longterm now. I think mostly you somehow manage to get around even with less english. 

    But for my experiance it can get a bit lonely if you're not feeling comfartable in english. Life on the ship is exhausting, many new things too see and experiance. If you struggle with the language it makes it even more exhausting. For me, working with patients, I found it quite challenging to handle everything I see on a daily basis. It mad me very sad to see all these patients. Even with my by then fairly good english I found it hard not to be able to talk to someone freely, in my mother tongue, without having to search for the words.

    But then once you're on the ship your english is improving quickly anyway.

    Well, to summ up: Just be aware that a second language, especially if not feeling very comfatable in it, is an extra challenge. But hey, I love it on the ships and would totally recommend it to everyone. You're never going back the same you came to the ship.

    If you really wanna come, maybe it's a good idea to get some more english lessons and start reading and watching television in english, that really help!

    Hope, that's somehow helpfull. Let me know if you wanna know more.

  • Thank you Marina.

    Thank you for your advice.

    I think I will get more English lessons and practice before I come.blush

    It may be difficult for me, but it may be a lesson that God need me to learn.

    Thank you


  • ValerieMoserValerieMoser Posts: 1
    Hi Fang,

    Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering with Mercy Ships.

    I'm from Switzerland and English is my third language. I'm not an expert in English however, I really enjoy my experience with Mercy Ships.

    To be honest, I sometimes get frustrated because I can't really express myself correctly and it's especially hard for me to express my feelings in English. I often wish my level would be better so that I also could interact much more with the other crew onboard. 

    So depending on your English Level, I would recommend you to get some English lessons before coming onboard as this is going to be very helpful for you.

    Kind Regards, Val
  • Hi Valerie,

    Thanks for your help.

    English may be the one of weakness in my life.

    It's a fact, it's a hard thing, it's something I need to improve and work hard.

    But it is not hopeless and it also be the Fang's global setting from God.wink
    And I believed that people will be better and mature in suffering.

    I have English books,dictionary,online translator and English lessons……God sent me a blessing weakness and gave me many kinds of ways to overcome this weakness.

    Especially received so much help from Mercy's,I think English is just a little case.

    Hope I can do it better before I comming onboard.

    Best wishes for everyone,


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