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Internal Medicine Specialist

Could you let me know what role an internist with 30 years of experience could play on Mercy ship?  Also how big of a role does Christianity play on this ship- will they try to convert me?


  • Hey Carol, I just had to google internalist ... slightly embarrasing I believe thats the same as general medicine.... as you can see, with up to 35 differrent nationalities on board at any time we some times have some different ways of thinking, speaking and communicating. This is the same with spirituality, we are a mixed bag of people, like anywhere else in the world. However we are a faith based organisation and most people on board would call themselves christians, prayer is included in many aspects of work that I had never experienced pre ship- BUT this is not something that people are forced or expected to participate in. You can easily breeze through a trip to the ship without feeling uncomfortable, excluded or pressured. I can't promise that someone wont try to convert you ... they might. But from experience I would expect that you would be welcomed in, exposed to prayer and worship and not pressured to participate. I have had two personal guests on the ship who are not christinas and don't follow a faith, they absolutely loved the ship and had a great time. We are a pretty inclusive bunch and as I said we have people from all different walks of life and different countries who are here with one common goal .... to serve the worlds forgotten poor...

    Oh and of course your years of experience would always be useful.... I'm sure HR can keep you up to date with different positions opening up.

    Good luck deciding

    Amy Jones

    Nurse Educator and Project Manager

    Medical Capactity Building Team

    Benin- From England - Been on the ship for 3 years
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