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How much experience is required to be a Cook on Africa Mercy?

Hi, my names Eddie, i''m from England, 35 and in Sydney at the moment. I'm really keen on volunteering on Africa Mercy as a Cook. 

I qualified in the UK in June 2015 with the entry level Chef qualification. (3 month course, 3 days a week) Since then due to my application of my Australian residency I've been working at a different job. Now I'm a resident I have freedom to leave Australia and would love to work as a Cook on Africa Mercy. My experience is low, however I'm a fast learner, a great team worker, and would put in 110% effort  every day. Is this enough to get on board as a Cook? Many thanks for taking the time to read this


  • AllyJonesAllyJones Posts: 108 ✭✭
    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for the enquiry! Sounds like you already have some good experience with your qualifications.

    The Galley teams of cooks are overseen by a Senior Chef & Galley Team Leaders, so experience isn't always necessary, but all applications are reviewed by the Food Services Manager who can check on your skill set.

    Best thing to do is apply & go through the review process.

    Hope to welcome you on board one day!

    Director of Human Resources

    Africa Mercy
  • Eddie, it's time for you to come back! Make your plans for the coming year. We miss you already. 

    The Galley Crew
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