Teachers needed for the 2017-2018 school year!

We have many openings in our ship school for the 2017-2018 school year.  Please help us find the needed teachers.




  • Anthony ChiarelliAnthony Chiarelli Member Posts: 9
    Hi Brian,

    I retired early from being a high school PE Teach/Coach and didn't renew my teaching certificate.  I did put in for some coordinator jobs!  I appreciate what you do changing people lives and the sacrifices you have made!  Hopefully our paths will cross!

    Anthony Chiarelli

    [email protected]
  • Stacey RedpathStacey Redpath Member Posts: 8

    I am a French teacher in the UK.  Previously worked long term in France with European Christian Mission.  I am very interested in applying for the role of French teacher.  Being a practical person I'd like to know more about support raising!

    Merci, Stacey.
  • Myriam KormannMyriam Kormann Member Posts: 6
    Bonjour Stacey!

    I am the current French teacher on board and got very excited when I saw your message! I am from Switzerland and I am loving my job but I am leaving at the end of this school year.

    Being on board, you have to pay crew fees which depends on your position and how long you commit for. Teachers are highly encouraged to come for two years to have a bit of consistency. You will also have to pay your flight tickets and have a bit of pocket money to go out some times and discover outside of the ship. Fund raising is different for everyone and depending also from which country you are from, but if you need an example, I am currently raising between 1000 and 1200 dollars (Swiss health insurance is crazily expensive).

    Here is a glimpse of my story, if it can help you. I came first for 10 months thinking that I would never ask my friends or family to give me money. I had a bit of savings which I used to pay my first year. When the principal asked me if I would extend, I froze! I thought I couldn't do it... After lots of reflections, prayers and discussions, I went home for Christmas and had an Open House at my parents place. I wrote a poster on a small corner of a room (to make sure not many people would see it...) with different ways people could support me and one of them was including money. My dad told me something that really helped me. He said that you are not forcing anyone to give you money but you are allowing them to be part of your journey. It changed my way of thinking. 

    After that, I wrote an article on my blog (thinking only my mum was reading it) and waited. After two months, I had enough money to stay another year! I couldn't believe it. Some people who were first upset with me having to pay were part of my supporters! I am now in my 4th year, 3 of them completely founded by others. Friends, friends of friends, previous colleagues, family members, people from the church... all kind of people from all backgrounds. I am super humbled by this experience and still can't really believe it. Some peole may be supported by their church but it's not my case. 
    If I had to bet on the people who would support me, I would have gone completely wrong. 

    During the year, i try to write a newsletter every three-four months to let people know what I am doing and I send two real postcards/letters to each one of them (now about 50 people!) and I try to keep my blog updated. 

    Money can be a scary thing to ask but the journey is for sure worth it and we have a big God who is the ultimate provider. 

    I hope this answer helps you a little. Don't hesitate to ask me any other questions. 

    I am praying for you,

  • Stacey RedpathStacey Redpath Member Posts: 8
    Thank you for your speedy reply Myriam!  It sounds like you have had an amazing adventure with God during the last 4 years!  I saw your video on facebook and that is what has prompted my praying and thinking.  I have lived as a fully supported missionary for 10 years while working in Poland and France, but now I have a job and a mortgage it seems scarey again!  But I do not want to let worldly financial matters stop me from following God's will!

    My other 'worry' would be coping with the lack of privacy!  I hear that teachers share a small cabin with other people.  How difficult is this for a long period of time?!


  • Myriam KormannMyriam Kormann Member Posts: 6
    It's my big pleasure!

    Oh wahou, so you know much more than me about supporting :-) I'll for sure pray for you. 

    Teachers are usually in a cabin with three other cabin mates. There is not much space but you can cope with spending time in your classroom, on the decks watching the ocean or going out in town during the evenings or the weekends. Everyone finds their own routine to find space for themselves. Some wake up very early, others stay up late, others spend time alone on the Decks or in the library. 

    One thing I was "afraid" before coming was being so close to my students and parents all the time but there is absolutely nothing to worry about it. Parents are very respectful of work hours and it's a privilege to get to know them in other circumstances as well. 

    Hope it helps a bit! Don't hesitate if you haev other questions :-)

    Myriam Kormann
  • David ForrestDavid Forrest Member Posts: 3
    Hi Anthony and Stacey,

    I am the Principal of the Academy.

    Welcome to my Mercy.

    Myriam has answered some questions about the French teacher position.


    I have contacted Allison at HR for you.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Anthony ChiarelliAnthony Chiarelli Member Posts: 9

    Attached is my resume.  Hope this helps and please share
    with Allison and anyone else.

    God Bless,

    Anthony Chiarelli

    (928) 227-7973

  • Stacey RedpathStacey Redpath Member Posts: 8

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your
    message. I am prayerfully considering my application. What length
    of time commitment are you looking for in an applicant? Also, when
    does your school year start and finish? If I were accepted for the
    post, when would I need to be on the ship?  Also, would I be
    teaching exclusively French, or would I have other duties?


    Sorry for the deluge of


    Thank you,


    Sent from my LG Mobile


  • Anthony ChiarelliAnthony Chiarelli Member Posts: 9
    Hey Stacey,

    I'm applying right now for Physical Education/Computer
    opening.  Haha were in the same boat!  That was a joke by
    the way!  I would love to give them a 2 year

    Let's talk and come up with some great questions to make our
    best possible decisions


  • BrianBlackburnBrianBlackburn Member Posts: 26

    We typically look for two school year commitments, but at this time in the year, we will consider a one year commitment. Teacher report to the ship to start teacher orientation by July 31st,   They do complete a Mercy Ships training program in Texas that starts in mid-June.  Tesse Loveless, our recruiter should be sending details soon.

    Thank you,


    Academy DIrector
  • Myriam KormannMyriam Kormann Member Posts: 6

    We love questions! Don't hesitate to ask them and we may even try to skype or e-mail for more details about the position. 

    Currently, I teach French from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. The philosophy of the school is to have a little French all the way to be exposed at any age. Elementary and Junior High have two hours a week and High School three. Depending of the team, you may be a mentor for a class in JHHS but it varies every year. If you do, you may also teach that particular grade Bible and Life Skills. The team is pretty incredible and even so you don't teach the same specialty, the other teachers are very supportive and helpful. As Anthony said, we are all on the same boat... :-) We prepared together devotions, Field Trips, special events, Retreats for JHHS... There is a lot happening during the year but it makes it very exciting!

    I hope it helped a bit. Keep your questions coming :-)


    P.S.: Anthony, the current PE/IT teacehr is one of my best friend on board. It is also a position full of excitement and possibilities!
  • Anthony ChiarelliAnthony Chiarelli Member Posts: 9
    Can you tell me the normal teaching hours? 
    I'm very flexible based on the level of commitment for the teaching
    positions.  Super excited!  Can You forward my email to
    your current PE Teacher?  Thank you!  Tony
  • BrianBlackburnBrianBlackburn Member Posts: 26
    Teachers start school day with a brief staff meeting at 7:45AM and teach till 3:30 each day.  We do not have lunch with our students as they go home for lunch and you have that time to yourself.  The work week is Monday to Friday.  Check out the unoffical website for the school: http://msa2016.wixsite.com/academy
  • Myriam KormannMyriam Kormann Member Posts: 6
    Hi Tony!

    Thank you again for your interest into that position. I hope it works out for you! 

    I am sending your e-mail to the current PE teacher, right now. She will be able to answer you more accurately than me. We usually teach Monday to Friday from 8 to 3:30pm and are expected to stay within the Academy until 5pm to plan lessons, meet with colleagues, grade, meet with parents... 

    Hope it helps a bit!

  • Anthony ChiarelliAnthony Chiarelli Member Posts: 9
    Thanks Brian!  I am big into fundraising. Am I
    able to purchase sports stuff for the kids in the community and
    actually deliver it to them?
  • Anthony ChiarelliAnthony Chiarelli Member Posts: 9
    Praying about it!  If it's God's will so be
  • BrianBlackburnBrianBlackburn Member Posts: 26
    Thanks for the question.  Yes, but it does take a lot of work as we partner with different organizations in the community and we need to run things through customs and the right people on the ship.  So, yes, but it needs to be done to correct way.
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