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Introduce yourself

Hi my husband and i should be joining the ship at the end of this month. He as a chef and my self as ?? What ever is available, i am a medical assistant that has assisted physisians with many procedures in office. But i understand there is no openings for that. I am just so grateful to help i can work whereever needed. I learn quickly (thank You Lord) and can switch from task to task pretty easily. It is nice to meet you all. Any thoughts and info are a blessing.
Thanks be blessed
Teri Race


  • KellyGrizzardKellyGrizzard Posts: 119
    Terri,  welcome abourd.  And don't worry, the HR Team will help you find your place.   Just enjoy the process.

    My role is to develop relationships with churches that will lead to more volunteers like you.  If you will be speaking at a church or christian organization about your upcoming service perhaps I can help. 


    Recruiter Church Relations 
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