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Christmas on a Mercy Ship

Christmas is an amazing time to be on board one of the Mercy Ships - from the m/v Anastasis, Good Samaritan, Caribbean Mercy and here on the Africa Mercy.  Between chaplaincy and social coordinator, we have special Bible Reading on the theme of Joy and four advent services and Christmas eve service.  In the hospital and at the HOPE Center, we will have a special Christmas service as we have ~30 in the wards and ~120 at the HOPE Center - each of them will receive a Christmas gift bag because of the generosity of the crew and other donations we have accepted during the year.  Social activities include Sinterklaas, craft night, winter wonderland, cookie bake, Christmas concern, Santa Lucia, Storytelling night, gingerbreak house contest, carols by candlelight and special Christmas brunch and open cabin.  Mercy Ministries has had the great opportunity of sharing the Christmas story at our partner sites during the month - from children's home/orphanages, deaf school, prisons and other locations and most of them received a small Christmas gift bag and some group gifts.  Amazing time to be on board.  

I welcome anyone else on board now or have been onboard - share your experiences.


  • Donovan PalmerDonovan Palmer Posts: 17 - Current Staff
    I am a little late to comment, but for me and my family, Christmas and Easter were very special times onboard for us. Aside from sharing the holiday season with people who are passionate about the same things you are passionate about, we so enjoyed seeing Christmas and Easter celebrated through different cultures. It felt like such a rich experience to see the different customs and traditions.  Priceless!
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