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My Mercy story so far... hoping it unfolds!

Hi folks, my name's Will. I'm a 23yo CT tech from Canada's East Coast currently working at a pediatric hospital.

Thought I'd share the story of how I heard about Mercy Ships and how I hope it unfolds!

I was on a short Euro trip on a connecting flight through Brussels. I chose the emergency exit seat because it's a sneaky way to get extra legroom on a flight without paying extra! I sat down and a woman sat next to me. Sometimes I will plug into music or open my book, but luckily I must have been feeling talkative this day. I got talking to the girl next to me, asked her where she was going - Benin, Africa. I didn't even know where this was, so I asked further - what are you doing there? She told me she was volunteering for a medical charity. I asked what she did, and she told me she was a radiographer. I'm a radiograpgher too! I'm glad I picked this seat!

Over the course of our 1.5hr flight, I was filled in on all the details about Mercy Ships, and it sounds like an amazing operation. We sat down in the airport for a cup of tea and kept chatting until she had to go catch another flight. We exchanged contact details. I was hooked on the idea! It's been a few months but I have submitted an application to volunteer now and I'm hoping to get on board as soon as the logistics allow. I am very excited about this amazing opportunity to provide hope and healing, and I really hope it unfolds into everything I'm imagining!

I am eager to hear of other people's experiences with Mercy and hope you can all share some interesting anecdotes!



  • Will-

    Great to have you on board! It's always a joy to watch how God puts people right where they need to be!! Will be fun to watch your story unfold..
  • Hi Will,

    I recieved an email that you responded to a thread I had commented on and had questions about Mercy Ships. I spent 9 weeks in Madagascar and I would love to tell you more and I am glad you are interested in serving.
    I live an hour from Halifax on the South Shore.My son attends Dal.I am in Halifax once a month.Would love to meet you and tell you all about it.

  • WillCreeneWillCreene Posts: 12
    Thanks for the welcome. That would be great Marsha, I'm sure you have some great stories to share. I went to Dal too. Would be great to meet!
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