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You've become a triangle

When I came home (the Netherlands), after 3 months on the ship, I had a hard time reconnecting with the people around me. 

I had heard about reverse culture shock before, but even then, it overwhelmed me.

Later on I found this blog that explains perfectly what had happened with me, while being in another culture.

The next time I came home, after being away for 1.5 year, I was more prepared and it was a bit easier. 

It helps to know other 'triangles' and meet with them to share about your experiences. 

Only they will really understand what you're going through.


  • Thanks for posting this link Christina. It is a clear analogy of re-entry!  
  • anamalattaanamalatta Posts: 27

    hello! i'am latta anama.
    your love for this patient is so great. thanks for being their.

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