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Kiwis travelling overseas, and the critical 183-day mark

Hey Kiwis!

As you are planning your service overseas there are a few Aotearoa- specific things you need to know from us at the Auckalnd office, so please make sure we have connected. If you are a Kiwi living overseas this also applies to you too!

A new data sharing agreement between NZ Immigration and Health Dept may affect you directly upon your return home.

The new piece of legislation allows sharing of information between the Departments of Health and Immigration. Consequently, any NZ resident or citizen who is outside the country for more than 183 days in 12 months MUST re enrol with their GP when they return. After re enrolment there is a 3-5 month stand down period  as a 'casual patient' (depending how close you are to the date of their required 3 monthly list submission) before you can flip back to the 'enrolled patient' cost of $18 per visit. Every visit until the next round kicks in is charged at the casual rate of $75 per visit.


This applies to anyone returning from overseas after more than 6 months away, every time you return. 

if you have questions, call our Auckland office on 0800637297 and we'll do our best to guide you.


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