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Questions:Working as anesthesia Provider Feb/Mar 2017

Hi, I am a christian Anaesthesiologist from Germany with 4 years of experience and will be completing my board certification in September 2017.
I have experience in clinical & obstetrical Anaesthesiology, nerve blocks, intensive care medicine as well as prehospital emergency medicine (certfied "Notarzt"/emergency doctor) and speak proficient english as well as sufficient french
As I want to apply to work with you I have the following questions:

1) I have no experience with children <2 years, so I need to classify this in the application form as "insufficient".
Does this exclude me form working with you on a shortterm trip? Later in 2017 I plan to specialize in paediatric anesthesia.

2) My wife is a psychiatrist Doctor with total clinical experience as a doctor of 4 years and 1 year clinical experience on a neurological ward. Is it possible to work on your ship with these qualifications,for example as a hospital doctor ? (she doesnt necessarily need to work in mental health by herself)

3) As my wife is also a doctor, we seek to work together on your ship on a short time trip (we dont need a family cabin or such a thing!). Is it, by your experience possible to realise a trip together with these qualifications?
Unluckily there is no option to mark the wish to serve together in the application form. So if it is possible at all, should we write about this wish in a special mail to the assessment Team?

4) Via your "opportunities" page I get the information that vacancies as an Anesthesia provider are open from August 2017. Is that info still up to date? As I have a 3 weeks holiday in Feb/March 2017 which I could offer for working I wanted to ask you this question

Thanks alot, Nico


  • CraigSharverCraigSharver Posts: 11 - Current Staff

      Thank you for wanting to serve with Mercy Ships. Great questions. To better serve you in the pre-application process, can we communicate directly by email [email protected] 

    In addition, you do not need experience with children < 2 years. 


    Summary Description

    Provide independent anesthetic care (without the supervision of another medical doctor) to patients undergoing surgical and diagnostic procedures as well as occasionally manage patients in the Intensive Care Unit.    

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities (include but not limited to)

    To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  
    • Maintain Universal Precautions at all times.
    • Provide all aspects of pre / peri / post -operative anesthetic care to patients undergoing surgery and diagnostic procedures, including:
    a)    Pre-operative patient assessment to assess fitness for anesthesia

    b)    Culturally appropriate explanation of anesthesia to the patient

    c)    Preparation and checking of drugs, monitoring and all anesthetic equipment

    d)    Ensuring availability of blood for cases involving expected blood loss

    e)    Administer general anesthesia and assist with optimal positioning of patient on Operating Room table.

    f)     Maintain clear anesthetic records on each patient 

    g)    Taking appropriate action in a critical incident in the Operating Room

    h)    Assist in moving patient from operating room to recovery area; communicate clearly to recovery area crew; check patient periodically and take remedial measures to alleviate unfavorable post anesthesia effects as required.
    • Disassemble equipment and clean work area; report necessary equipment repairs and adjustments to proper personnel
    • Prepare periodic reports related to activities.
    • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.
    • Participate in Anesthetist on-call schedule and continuing medical education
    • Communicate clearly and politely with ward and operating room staff.
    • Due to the ever changing staffing levels and field service rotations, all staff may be re-assigned to temporarily fill roles in other departments in a time of need. 
    • Other duties as assigned.
  • Hallo, Nicolai!

    Danke für deine Anfrage! Ich hoffe, du hast bereits ein paar Antworten auf deine Fragen bekommen!

    Mein Name ist Silke Kessing, ich bin seit einer Woche auf dem Schiff und werde für zwei Jahre als Anästhesieschwester arbeiten. Ich kenne das Schiff bereits aus Madagaskar, wo ich dreienhalb Monate im Dienst war. Lass mich gerne wissen, wenn du (weitere) Fragen hast - ich weiss aus Erfahrung, dass die direkte Kommunikation mit jemandem auf dem Schiff / aus der Abteilung oft viel hilfreicher ist als mit der Personalabteilung :)

    Du kannst mich am Bestern per Email erreichen ([email protected]), da ich nicht sehr oft auf dieser Plattform verkehre.

    Ganz liebe Grüsse und hoffentlich bis bald mal!

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