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Malaria meds

 I can't wait to join you all in just over a week - not this Sunday, but the next! 

Just a quick question! What about anti-malaria meds? I have a prescription for Doxycycline, but it's a bit pricy ($130 & I'm not a fan of taking antibiotics if I don't need to...), so I figured I'd just check if you all actually use/suggest (mostly if used - I'm pretty sure they are suggested) them! I was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia February 2015 & my team (rns & mds who had been many times before) all laughed & told me I didn't need them while I was there. I know the situation is different, so I thought I'd ask you since you are there & experienced!

Thanks so much!



  • Jon FadelyJon Fadely Posts: 8
    Hi, Amanda -- I strongly recommend you take the malaria medications as prescribed, including the dosage after you leave the malaria zone.  If doxycylcine causes you any side effects, you could ask about alternative medications.  Benin is entering its 'mini rainy season', September & October, and we can expect the mosquitoes to be on the increase.  Don't forget a strong DEET-based repellant, and light, full-length clothing (shirts and trousers) for off-ship adventures.  Safe travels, there and back again!
  • AngieFadelyAngieFadely Posts: 20 - Current Staff

    Not sure if you saw it but there is some good info on malaria meds in teh Volunteer Guidebook.

    Hope that helps!
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