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School year time frame

I am curious about the yearly schedule. I saw that teachers are initially asked to commit to a 2 year period. Is that 2 straight years or are their time frames (holidays) that you are able to return home? For instance, going home to be with family for Christmas.


  • Hey Katie,

    The school year on the ship for teachers starts in early August and end in late May.  Our teachers do commit for two school years and attend a 6 week Mercy Ships training program in Texas in June of each year.  We have a Christmas holiday and a summer break where teachers can return home.
  • Here our detials on our curriculum:


    The Mercy Ships Academy offers an international accredited standard-based curriculum.  The Academy provides a quality education that inspires our students to follow Jesus. The curriculum was developed by the Academy staff in 2009 to meet the needs of our students who transfer from both northern and southern hemisphere countries. We recognize that many of our students transfer from their home countries education systems and will return after their families service with Mercy Ships, this means that we have to prepare our student not only to learn and grow in our school but for their futures studies as well. 

    The Mercy Ships Academy Curriculum is built around 5 Core Subjects areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (History and Geography) and Bible, as well as offering other additional subjects which include: French, Physical Education, Computer Education, Life Skills, Creative Arts (Music, Art and Drama), and Library. These subject help develop our students holistically and provide a well rounded education.

    Our Elementary program builds a strong foundation of academic and social skills that equip students for successful learning within a loving and supportive environment. Our younger students benefit from small class sizes and attentive teachers who encourage them to grow and develop into the people God has created them to be. Throughout the school year our elementary students have opportunities to explore new cultures and participate in celebrations from around the world. The Mercy Ships Academy celebrates diversity and desires for it's students to experience and learn about all the cultures that surround them. 

    Our High School Graduation Program is a credit based system that requires our students to complete a minimum of 26 credits to graduate from the Mercy Ships Academy. There are required credits in each subject area and there are opportunities to choose elective courses that meet the student's interests and future educational needs. High School Students choose to follow one of three different graduation tracks: US College/University, UK/European University or Elective Based. These give students the flexibility to meet the educational requirements of their home countries, while completing the course offered in the Mercy Ships Academy Core Curriculum. Effective college and university planning starts in Grade 8 and needs to be well thought out to ensure that students can complete the course they need for future education. 

    In addition to our academic program we offer opportunities for our older students to be involved in our Life Skills and Work Experience Programs. These help students experience learning in a new and different contexts throughout the school year. 

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