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Hammocks and working shoes.

I was reading about hammocks in the deck 7 and wondering if insted of a hanging hammock

I could use this kind of inflatable??... It's call LAMZAC if you would like to google it. 

Thanks for the help. 


ALSO was wondering about working shoes. I will be joining the hostess area and I was wondering what kind

of working shoes do you recommend. 

God bless you and and see you soon.


  • AllyJonesAllyJones Posts: 99
    Hi Daniela,

    LAMZAC's look pretty cool! Hammocks are allowed on Deck 7 only outside of business hours, same really for camping chairs etc. - the space is a working environment a lot of the time so keep in mind space & there's usually a door everywhere you go that we all could be blocking!

    Also, there's no grass / sand / soft ground for you to use it on so could be sharp objects, I would hate for it to burst!

    As far as shoes go, the Hospitatlity team usually where flats / something comfortable to walok in as you will move around the ship a lot. But you chousl also bring some smarter balck shoes as you may be involved in hosting at formal events.

    Hope that helps,

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