What happens after you apply??

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You've watched the videos, visited the Mercy Ships Facebook a thousand times, spoken to an alumnus, a recruiter, your family, your employer...

You've filled out the official Mercy Ships application. 





...... What now?

Does your application go to no man's land? What's going on?!

No! Your application is sent straight to one of our incredibly dedicated staffing managers. They review your application, make sure there aren't any complications or special circumstances, and then tell one of their placement facilitators to get in touch! If there are any complications or special circumstances, the staffing manager will contact you directly. 

Your placement facilitator will get in touch within a few days, let you know if you are missing anything for your application (e.g., copy of a license, a reference, etc.) then facilitate your review process. All applications undergo multiple reviews - from a chaplain, our medical reviewer, from your future supervisor, and sometimes from a credentialist (for the more specialized positions, someone to ensure you are qualified for the role for which you have applied). You may be interviewed on Skype or on the phone. If all goes well here, we request a cabin assignment from our housing coordinator. After that.... 

ACCEPTANCE!! You will get an offer letter detailing your time of service, position, and next steps. Though you may be in touch with others within Mercy Ships after this point (FinACE to assist you in your support raising endeavors, Staff Development if you are coming to On Boarding, etc.), your placement facilitator will be your number one, go-to person until you reach the Africa Mercy

Our team endeavors to bring to you THE BEST possible customer service throughout this process. Do you have questions? We would love to answer them. Feel free to comment below!

Thank you, for taking the next step toward bringing hope and healing to the world's forgotten poor!


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