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Receiving parcels from supporters.

Hi, I have a few families, here in Germany, who would like to support me by sending 'care packages' to me whilst I am aboard.  What is the best way (and cheapest) for them to do this?


  • Hello Andie, hi this is Udo from the German office. We have had contact here before. Here are a few thoughts about receiving parcels while on the ship in West Africa. First, it is generally possible to receive packages the same way you can receive mail. This all goes via our Dutch office and is being sent to the ship regularly. Might be very fortnight right now. But: You will need to pay as the recipient for this service. In your information package you should be able to find the current price range. I remember it was not cheap.

    ​And so it brings up the question: What is really worth sending (and receiving) this way? One more thing to consider as it comes to the content of those package, even if I am stating something quite obvious: This package will travel through hot climate zones and might even be laying somewhere in a hot warehouse for some time. That makes food items, especially the jummy and chocolaty stuff a very unfit content. So, what does that leave you with? And is that something you want to cover extra costs for? Only you can decide, but make sure you talk to your friends about all of this before they start sending stuff ....

  • AllyJonesAllyJones Posts: 99
    Hi Andie,

    Udo gave some great advice!

    The packages are charged to the Crew member by weight when sent via Crew Mail (DHL), so make sure they are lighter items. If you're on board for a while, they can send items to arrive on the container, which can take up to 3 months to get on the ship. This is shipped free of charge once it arrives at the warehouse, but not ideal if you're serving short-term.

    We look forward to welcoming you on board.
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