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Seasick Remedies

Jared ChaconJared Chacon Posts: 33 - Alumni
Hey All,

Saw this article today and thought it might be helpful to anyone sailing with the vessel soon. 

"50 ways to tackle seasickness" 

Feel free to comment with any remedies of your own not listed in the article!

-Jared Chacon

Technical Recruiter


  • Thanks for sharing! I'm always pretty hit or miss with seasickness--either I'm fine or I'm stuck in bed with a bucket. These are great tips!
  • The pharmacy on the AFM provides free of charge, seasickness medications called cinnarizine and meclizine. We also stock a limited amount of scopalamine patches that are sold at cost. 
  • Miguel OttavianoMiguel Ottaviano Posts: 13
    Thanks,, Jared!
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