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Northern-Italian Videographer available for MercyShips

Hi everyone!!

My name is Andrea Franceschini, and I am a 33 years old Italian videographer. Istarted to study music at the age of nine. When I was eighteen I obtained a BA in Percussion and moved to Milan, where I gained a BA in Communication, an MA in Film Studies, an MFA in Scriptwriting and a PhD in Communication. This background took me to gain a cross-disciplinary and cross- experiential preparation, which also includes experience in multimedia video production, scriptwriting for television and playwriting for theatre, experimental video works and production for theatrical operas, as well as a decade of participation in International musical performances.

I have grown up in a wonderful family of musicians; my father was a music professor and a musical high school principal, my sister is a violinist and my brother is a composer. This has determined my interest in arts, especially in cinema, literature and music. I have grown up as a Catholic, which is predominant in Italy. And seven years ago I started to feel a deep thirst and need to be guided by Faith. I couldn't do all by myself, and no one in the world could have saved me but Jesus. I had lived my life for myself, but then I decided to live it for Him. And yet, in 2010, when I thought that everything was better, my father had a terrible cerebral stroke. No one believed he would survive. But he did. I spent seven months at the hospital, and during that time I left everything to stand by him. It was the most difficult time of all my life. I prayed a lot, and if I got out of the difficulties I was living in, this is only thanks to Jesus and the strength I have found in Him.

As a result of my will to serve, in the past few years I have become a Christian sponsor, advocate and videographer for Compassion International, and started to dedicate myself always more to humanitarian projects. Some weeks ago I applied as a Videographer for Mercy Ships, and, if it's God's desire, I will live this priviledge in His name.

If someone of you wants to contact me and give me any suggestions, here or privately, I will be available and happy to do anything I can for the Lord.

God bless you all,



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