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Hi !

I became a doctor with Mercy Ships in mind.

DTS onboard Anastasis several years back.

Looking forward to finish my specialty as an anesthesiologist.

Here in Norway we get specialized while working as an anestesiologist.

Can I apply to Mercy Ships right away or do I need additional work experience.

My husband and I would apply for a stay for several years. (are going to bring our two girls as well)



  • Jared ChaconJared Chacon Posts: 33 - Alumni
    Hey Maria!

    Thanks for your question and for your interest in volunteering with us! My name is Jared and I am the maritime recruiter based here in the U.S. I will forward your inquiry on to our medical recruiter, Craig Sharver, as he will be able to give you a much more informed answer. 

    -Jared Chacon

    Technical Recruiter
  • BrianBarkiBrianBarki Posts: 7
    Hi Maria,

    My name is Brian Barki, and I am the Anesthesia Supervisor on board the Africa Mercy.  Thank you for your interest!  I have a few questions for you.

    How many more years until you complete your training?  

    What is your husband's occupation?

    What are the ages of your children?

    Usually, long-term anesthesiologists are required to serve as the Anesthesia Supervisor.  That role requires 4 years of experience after all your training is complete.  It also requires that you have  a special interest in at least one of the following:  difficult airways, pediatric anesthesia, and intensive care.  

    Normally there is only one long-term anesthesiologist on board at a time, but there could be situations that arise that require a second long-term anesthesiologist.  

    There are also special considerations that need to be taken into account for long-term crew with families.  One of the parents needs to be the designated primary caregiver.  That parent's work hours are limited in that they need to be available to take care of the children when they are not in school.  There is no nursery for the children outside of school hours.  If you are the primary caregiver, you would not be able to also serve as the Anesthesia Supervisor because of the limited hours.  If you were the 2nd long-term anesthesiologist (we usually do not have a 2nd anesthesiologist) you MIGHT be able to also be the primary caregiver, but I'm not exactly sure how that would look.  If your husband was the primary caregiver, it would free you up to do more.  

    All this to say there are a lot of variables.  My suggestion would be to go ahead and apply for a short-term trip so that you can come check things out.  You can get a better feel for the ship, not only from a medical standpoint, but also how you think your family might fit into the ship community.  This is what I did before moving to the Africa Mercy with my family, and it was very valuable in our decision-making process.  


  • Hi, I'm sorry for hijacking this post but this is of interest to me as well. 

    I am an anaesthetic trainee working in the UK and will finish my training in February 2018. I am currently doing an advanced module in ENT/airway anaesthesia. My husband is a consultant cardiologist, and I am just exploring the idea of us serving for a period of 6 months when I complete my training. We would be willing to do anything - even cook, housework, etc. We do have 3 children (currently aged 8, 5 and 3). Is this something that would even be vaguely possible? 
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