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Mercyship coming to Ghana oneday.... Ghanaian not needed?

Hi everyone , my name is Michael and Banker.l ve interest joining the crew on board but seems mercyship don't need Ghanaian who want to help and probably spread the good news here in Ghana...can't wait to be part n getting people to donate here in Ghana as well.....


  • Ashley BlomAshley Blom Posts: 18
    Hi Ossom,

    A recruiter can speak more to the process than I, but please make sure you've Registered Interest by filling out the form here: It is possible there just are no open positions for what you're qualified for at the moment, but filling out that form ensures that your information is in the right place when a need arises. If there is an open position and you are a fit, you will be contacted.

    Thanks so much for your interest in Mercy Ships!
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