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Working as Dining Room Staff.


   I heard on Friday that I have been accepted to work as part of the dining room team, Just saying hello to all of you and after getting over the initial schock of being accepted I start now to think about what I need to know in order to serve. Any pointers from any of you!



  • Jared ChaconJared Chacon Posts: 33 - Alumni
    Hey Andie,

    Awesome to hear you will be joining the crew!

    As far as pointers, one of our volunteers put together a really great packing guide. You can read over that here: 

    Hope this helps a bit!

    -Jared Chacon

    Technical Recruiter
  • Hi Jared,

    . Read the post this morning with the 'packing list', firstly need to get all the paperwork done. Current planning I that I can afford to serve for six months. But God may have other ideas about the duration and I know that He will provide all I need.

    love in Christ

  • Catherine MurphyCatherine Murphy Posts: 45
    Welcome to the team, Andie! So excited you'll be joining us.
  • Hi Andie,

    How exciting that you are coming to serve the crew in the dining room. I have served there twice- once as a team member and then again as a team leader. I LOVED working in the dining room because I got to know the entire crew very quickly (everyone eats!) and I got to serve my team well through working hard and having fun. You will be given a work uniform but having good, non slip shoes is important. I always wore tennis shoes. You are on your feet a lot. The days are long but you get breaks in between meals and you work 2 days one week and 5 days the next (to compensate for the longer hours) so you have a lot of free time to get off the ship and hang out with people. I trained my team to do two things: Love the crew (through your smile, warm greeting, and hard work to get them fed) and love each other (through helping each other out, praying, and having fun together while working). The dining room is the pulse of the ship- people come to be nourished and your smile and positive attitude has a lasting impact on their day. It's a wonderful, lifegiving role. Enjoy it and we will see you soon!

  •       Thank you Michele, where God has been leading me over the last few years is into a ministry of 'encouragement'. In that I find myself alongside people, and giving them support, mainly due to me always smiling and singing to myself ( I would actually say, making a joyful noise as I can't sing ).

          I first came across Mercy Ships when The Anastasis visited my then home town of Bristol in England. I had a visit aboard and a look around. This must have been over 15 years ago... how God plants seeds is amazing. Then I moved last year to Bremen in Northern Germany, started attending the International Baptist Church, there I saw a poster for a fund raising event in the centre of Bremen. As usual I did not book a ticket in advance, sat in the coffee shop by the main entrance to the church and saw that the line to enter was very, very long.. I thought that I had no chance of buying a ticket. So I waited till the line had got to a few people, paid for my coffee and walked to the entrance.  Just as I arrived a lady came out and said "Do you want to buy a ticket?".... God wanted me there.

          This year I have applied to a few places, and have been turned down, slightly discouraged I applied for Mercy Ships, and know I stand at the start of a new adventure with God at my side. Me myself I have been feeling that I can't do this, I can't work in Africa, I can't work in a dining room.... but I have a great God who can do all things through me.


  • Hi Andie

    I have also been accepted as a Dining Room staff member.  I begin my journey in Durban 17 Jul.

    My time on board will be mostly sailing from Durban to Benin so I think there will only be a skeleton staff

    but am so excited. Will you also be on the ship at this time?


  • That's great Jenni,
    I would love to start in Durban, looking at actually volunteering for a full ten months. Please pray that God will is done.

    Love Andie
  • Hi, I'm Caryn, I will arrive on the 23rd of Oct. I'll be working in the galley. good luck and God bless.
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