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Coming home

Hi everybody!

I just got home to Sweden after working on the AFM for three months. Anyone else who is in the same position; feeling a bit lonely and sad but also happy and excited to be home. How do we share this? I loved loved loved being on the ship and sometimes miss it like crazy. Anyone who has any transitioning home thoughts?

Lots of love to my AFM friends heart



  • KellyGrizzardKellyGrizzard Posts: 119

    I would like to send you some info on what we call "Re-entry"   This information can help you process through the myths and fantasies you find yourself dealing with.

    The best think is to find at least one person to be able to share what you have just experienced.  This person needs to be willing to sit down over a couple of cups of coffee and just let you share.  I can also send you some questions that the person can ask you if you think that would help them in helping you.

    I have not sent an attachment before in mymercy.

    Let me know if you can open these.

    [email protected] is my email address just in case something does not come out.


  • Thank you so much for your reply!

    I whas able to open the files

  • LindaKlufasLindaKlufas Posts: 7
    Hi Josefin

    It was so nice to meet you & work with you in the OR recently.  I've been on the ship several times & home now for a month.   I always find it a little difficult to leave the ship & return to "normal life".  The book "Re-entry" by Jordan is excellent & gives lots of good suggestions for ajusting to being home.   I don't think we can live & work on the ship and not be changed.   People often ask me "How was your cruise?"   --  they really don't understand !   Hope to meet you again on the ship -- maybe next year.

    Linda Klufas
  • KellyGrizzardKellyGrizzard Posts: 119
    Josefin, I just wanted to see how you were doing.  How are making out in the Re-Entry phase of returning home from a missions trip?
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