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Hello, I just wanting to know about the Photographer potion.



  • Hi David--glad to hear you're interested in serving with us! For job requirements and current openings, check out the volunteer/current opportunities page.

    I recommend checking out this category on mymercy:

    You can also read my blog for some first-hand accounts of life as a ship photographer :)

    Do you have any specific questions I can answer?
  • Thank you for all that info...

    how is a typical day at the ship?

  • Hey David,

    Sorry to jump in on the conversation, but are you the same David that is friends with Anna Thompson? A group of us met Anna in Haiti a couple of years ago and she asked us to keep an eye out for your query and possible application. :-)

    I'm one of two writers on board but can share a bit about what a typical day can look like for the photographers. First, there are no typical days on the communications team - that's part of the fun! Photographers divide the bulk of their time filling deadline driven requests from one of our 16 national offices around the world to photographing patients that we are following for stories. There are days where you will do nothing but photograph and there will be days where you will have to catch up on all that photography and have a lot to process. Some of the photography will take place in the operating room, although most photographers will tell you that they're in and out and get used to the sight of blood.

    We do work in a team setting quite a bit, collaborating together to make sure that all the elements - video, photography and writing are in sync to deliver a patient story to the markets. I'll leave the rest for one of the photographers to give you more details on but just wanted to reach out and say hi!
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