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My name is Augustine, I was born in 1994. When I was young I almost died, but I was saved my one of the very few Pediatrics at that time. Since then I grew up believing one day I will save other people's lives. I joined medical school after High school in November, 2015 and now am pursuing Doctor of Medicine.

I dream to be a Surgeon. I want to be that doctor who uses scapel in my hands to do the lovely work of God ( I am a believer!!!). The first thing I was told in Medical School, "We, Doctors are God's Hand and we are helping him to bring new hopes to our discomforted Patients"

That was brief I hope, I hope to meet more than Volunteers here. I believe through myMercy to meet most inspiring people!!!

Thank You All


  • allisonholiskiallisonholiski International Support CenterAdministrator Posts: 52 admin
    What a powerful testimony, Augustine! Thank you for sharing. Best of luck to you in your schooling. 

    With kind regards,

  • Catherine MurphyCatherine Murphy Member Posts: 45
    Bravo to you, Augustine, for the incredible journey you are on!
  • Jon FadelyJon Fadely Member Posts: 8
    Hello, Augustine;

    You are inspiring us with your personal testimony!  Here is another story to encourage you . . .

    When my wife and I joined Mercy Ships in 1992 with our three children, our first mission was to Guinea-Bissau on board the small ship "Good Samaritan".  While we were there in Bissau, a young Muslim man came to the ship one day with a cut on his head.  He told us that he had been robbed by some young hoodlums in the town park, where he had been sleeping because he had no home.  He was looking for work, travelling from Sierra Leone.  Our nurse bandaged his wound, we gave him some food, and then our nurse asked if we could pray for him? He said, yes, that would be fine.  Only one thing, she said, we pray in the Name of Jesus, and you are Muslim, is that okay? Yes, he said, no problem.  So we prayed for him, for the Lord to bless him and keep him safe, and then we sent him on his way.

    The next day he returned to the ship. I asked him how we could help him.  He said, I want to hear more about the Jesus in whose name you pray. I said, Certainly, but may I ask, why are you so interested?  Well, he said, yesterday when the nurse prayed for me, I did not tell you my neck had been hurting, but after she prayed, the pain was gone.  Who is this Jesus?

    So I introduced this young Muslim to our crew Bible study leader, who met regularly with our local volunteers to study the Word.

    This young man went on to complete Christian discipleship and evangelization courses with YWAM so that he could return home and bring Jesus to his people.

    In Mercy Ships, you never know who you will meet, but you can always know that God has a wonderful plan for each person, a plan for their welfare and not for woe (Jer 29:11).

    Augustine, may the Lord bless you in your studies and in your life; may you find and follow His perfect plan. 

    Mungu akubariki!

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