Survey on Church Missions Projects

Was joining Mercy Ships a direct result of your Church's Missions Program?  Yes or No 

If you were influenced by your Church's Missions Program at what age do you remember that first happening?



  • BrendaBraxtonBrendaBraxton Member Posts: 24
    My decision to join Mercy Ships was not due to missions at my current church. I first heard of Mercy Ships at another church when I was about 12 years old, many years ago. I think at that time, the ships were actually part of Youth with a Mission. We were shown a film, and I think it was during a vacation Bible school program. 
  • My decision to try to apply was not inluenced by a church related connection, It was based upon a very favorable impression from a news TV program  that documented the inspiring and great work that is done by the doctors and nurses of the ship's staff.  I was striving to find a catagory or occupation that I could fullfill as a non-medical person on board.  I found such a position and was invited to join the dinning room staff as an Assistant Dining Room Mgr.  I had two big problems with the applicaton process, the application is very, very complicated, and the raising of money up front proved and continues to be very difficult in these austere times.  But, I continue to be optimistic that I will be able to meet the Lord in this calling, and I continue to pray about finding the money which has to be donated for the monthly salary while I on board.

    Pray for me please!

    Rodney Morgan Brown
  • DianeRickardDianeRickard Member Posts: 2
    Hi Rodney - I'm curious to hear what TV program you may have watched, where and when -- if you can remember?  I work in the media relations side of things so always appreciate that feedback.  Praying all the best as you work on the support raising side of things... slow and steady to build a foundation for you to launch into the next phase :)  Diane

  • Hi Diane,

    It was Sixty Minutes

  • DianeRickardDianeRickard Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the quick response Rodney - it was a great program!

  • KellyGrizzardKellyGrizzard Member Posts: 119
    Rodney,  Brenda and Diane,   thanks for your quick responses.  I look forward to hearing more experiences as we move into this upcoming week.

    Serving Together,

  • Georganna ShawGeorganna Shaw Member Posts: 1
    I had been unable to go to the Louisville, KY Missions Conference, so a friend brought me back a trash-bag (yes, a big black trash bag) full of brochures and pamphlets. I pulled out a few brochures that fit my interests and then talked to several churches about those organizations. 

    At the time, in 2004, none of the pastors had heard about Mercy Ships. (Basically, since internet information was scarce the general consensus from the Missions Programs was, "We don't know who this group is. Please don't hesitate to catch a flight back if you need to.") 


    Part of the issue may have been that Mercy Ships is "medical" and thus the churches may have missed the wide array of non-medical services available. I still get that sense from people when I talk with them about it:. 



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