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Hi, I am Ulrike and I'm really looking forward joining the Africa Mercy as a ward nurse in march. I'm from germany, ped nurse working in an emergency room. Is there anyone else arriving in march? Wish all a happy new year!


  • welcome Ulrike! We're excited to have you come on board in March! 
  • KellyGrizzardKellyGrizzard Posts: 119
    Ulrike,  Get ready for the incredible!   By the way, my wife is from Germany.  We met through Mercy Ships!  We both serve at the IOC in Liindale Texas.  Happy New Year.
  • AllyJonesAllyJones Posts: 110 ✭✭
    Hi Ulrike,

    There will be plenty of poeple to connect with who are arriving in March; we have 20 people coming & going every week! It's a busy place!

    We look forward to welcoming you; may all of your prep go well, please ask if you have any questions.
  • LindaKlufasLindaKlufas Posts: 7
    Hi Ulrike

    I'll be arriving on the ship March 6  & will be there for 5 weeks, working as an OR nurse.  I have been on the ship several times, and am looking forward to being back on board.   I hope to meet you.
  • LindaKlufasLindaKlufas Posts: 7
    Hi again

    I just checked on the web-site & noticed that we are both taking the bus to the ship on March 5.   Looking forward to getting to know you.   

    Can I give you a few hints for packing --  your scrubs will be provided.   Bring a couple skirts or dresses that cover your knees for going to church off-ship.   Also, bring capri shorts that cover your knees.  T-shirts & tops should have a short sleeve.   All the walls in the cabins are metal --  bring a few small magnets for putting up some pictures from home.   A small flashlight is a good idea.   Each person has a small closet & a little space under the bottom bunk, so try to pack light.  See you soon!

  • AllyJonesAllyJones Posts: 110 ✭✭
    Excellent advice Linda!

    It's a good idea to check over the Africe Mercy dress code when packing; there are a few guidelines on there of what is culturally appropriate for Madagascar but also how people should dress on the ship. There are 34 different nationalities on board right now so we try & be sensitive to each other's cultures.

    Looking forward to welcoming you!
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