Hello Mercy Ship members,

I will be a new staff member arriving March, 2016 and I will be working as a nurse on the Africa Mercy Ship. I do not know anyone and am not sure how to go about buying a plane ticket. I am living in WA right now and could really use some assistance on which airline to use. Also, I would definitely love to know more about the Mercy Ship from your perspective and have someone to know via internet prior to coming so I will feel more comfortable. I am very excited about this opportunity and look forward to hearing from someone soon! Please feel free to email, call, or text me! Blessings,

Lauren Ritchie

[email protected]

(214) 534-3314


  • DeborahLoudenDeborahLouden Member Posts: 11
    Hi Lauren,

    You can use Raptim ( travel agent to help you organise your flights to the ship. They have an agent assigned to Mercy Ships travel so they know us well.

    I am a nurse who works on the ward and have been here for 5 years so could probably answer your questions! Feel free to email me with whatever you'd like to ask ([email protected]) or reply here.

  • AllyJonesAllyJones Director of Global Recruiting Administrator Posts: 125 admin
    Exciting stuff Lauren!!

    Deb is a fountain of knowledge - I ask her things all the time! There's some great information on here about preparing for life on board. We try to give people as much information as possible before they come. I'm pleased that we found you here so we can help!

    I look forward to welcoming you - please ask if there is specific stuff you want to know.

    I hope all of your preparations go well!
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