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I'd love to get some more info regarding a typical "day in the life of" any peds nurses. I work as a pediatric RN now and have some experience with adult med/surg and orthopedics as well. I am curious about skills most frequently utilized as well as flow of nursing care. My other questions involve staffing needs. Any and all information would be so appreciated!




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    Hi Alexandra!

    I'm one of the peds nurses who work on the ward at the moment. On the ship, the wards are broken up by specialty so adults and children are all together. This means that adult and peds nurses work together and will often have a mix of both adult and peds patients, depending on the acuity of the patients. There are three different shifts that we work: day shift 0700-1530, evening shift 1400-2230 and night shift 2200-0730. Everyone works a mixture of each shift every week. A typical day at work for a day shift looks like, arriving at work, gathering as a group of nurses and our day crew who translate for us and praying together before each nurse gets handover. All the patients for that specialty are in the one room, so you do not have to walk far to reach them or monitor them! After handover, I give 0800 meds and the doctors come and round with the specialty team leader. I stand by to listen or answer a question if needed. Afterwards the team leader updates you with new orders for the day which we then carry out. These orders might be dressing changes, pulling of drains or NG tubes, removal of packs and catheters. The patients are served lunch around the time that we can also go for a 30 min lunch. After lunch we finish off giving medications due and charting (all paper charting) and anything else that needs to be finished by the next shift. We meet the new nurses coming on at 1400 and pray together and handover before walking the ward full of patients up four flights of stairs to deck 7 where we sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and the kids can run around and play. We head back down to the ward at 1530 where the evening shift is ready to take over.

    This is a very brief overview. Each day looks a bit different depending on your patients going and returning from the OR and the acuity of your patients. There is often a lot of crying from the kids but I love watching the community in the wards. The mama's of other patients help each other out, as do the papas and the day crew. It's truly a special environment. I have been here now for five years and still exclaim at the sweetness of the community at work in the wards.

    It sounds like you have a perfect skill set for coming, as every patient is a surgical patient. This outreach we have done pediatric orthopedics, obstetric fistula and women's health, plastics surgery for burn contractures, maxillofacial (my fav) and general surgeries. Each specialty has it's own flow which I could write about but I'm not sure that you'd like to know it all! Each nurse adapts to their ward and specialty when they arrive as they are assigned to one specialty and occasional float between wards.

    Come and join our team! Feel free to ask more questions too :)

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