Estimated time for position to be advertised.

Hi there,

I have sent in my CV with an expression of interest in joing Mercy Ships as a registered nurse. My dearest wish is to join the palliative care team. However, I'm aware that this is a small team with minimum of 10 month placement so I am expecting it could be some time before a position within this team is advertised. My question is, is there any possibility I could get some estimation of when? Am I looking at sometime in the next few months or longer? Ideally I'd like to be volunteering sometime in the second half of 2016. Many thanks, Karen


  • I actually have the same question!  My hope is to also work with the palliative team.  When will a position like this become available?  Thanks!  
  • DeborahLoudenDeborahLouden Member Posts: 11
    Hello Helen and Karen,

    As far as the ship Palliative Care Team goes there are only two positions- one is the Palliative Care Team Leader and the other a nurse. Often the Team Leader is a long-term crew member (committed to two years or more) and the nurse position is often filled by a nurse who is staying for the full 10 month field service. So there isn't often a position to fill. The IOC are the people that know when I space might be free.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  • KarenWilliamsonKarenWilliamson Ms Member Posts: 2
    Hi Deb,

    Thanks for your message, I appreciate it. I have been communication with recruitment and just waiting now to see what opportunities arise for me with Mercy. I have the information I need now. All is good.

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