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Ideas on raising funds

Any ideas on how to raise more funds? I've only sent to friends via facebook, work, etc and haven't really pushed the subject (interms of money). I will admit that I am spiritual but not religious and therefore I do not belong to a church to filter out in that aspect.

Any other ideas?




  • KellyGrizzardKellyGrizzard Posts: 119
    Pauline,  Kelly here from HR.  My role is to build relatoinships with Churches but the material I use can be applied to different settings.  Call me when you get a chance I would be happy to provide some help.  Between the both of us we can knock out this mountain in front of you.

  • I designed and sold tshirts and raised a huge bulk of my support that way! I was able to get them printed by a local place (and many can help you with a design) for about $6 per shirt, and sold them for $20... was a great recommendation given to me by a friend! 
  • KellyGrizzardKellyGrizzard Posts: 119
    Paula,  I tried to post the below but may have sent it to the wrong place.   On the mymercy web page look for discussions then accepted Crew then raising support.  You might get some ideas there.  Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  • TerriMooreTerriMoore Posts: 10
    Pauline, I don't belong to a church either but have served on the Africa Mercy twice now.

    Believe in what you are doing, spread the word among friends and collegues and it is amazing how things will fall into place. I sold chocolates and saved, and absolutely expected to fund myself, but in the end my friends organized a fundraising movie night and people just gave me money because they believed in what I was doing. You reap what you sow.
  • TerriMooreTerriMoore Posts: 10
    Oops, sorry, Paula.
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