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Long term vs. short term

We are a family wanting to volunteer 1-2 years of our time (to start). We're wondering about the process of the classes required for long term commitments; specifically, we're wondering how families handle child care during the months of classes?


  • Hi Rachel, Thanks for showing an interest in volunteering with Mercy Ships! I'm the Staff Development Registrar and I'm happy to answer your questions about how families handle child care during our On Boarding program. (On Boarding is an eight week training program to prepare new crew and staff for their time of service with Mercy Ships.)

    We offer a kids program for children ranging in ages 5 - 12, called Kids On Boarding (KOB). KOB is normally offered during our summer On Boarding program and meets during our regular On Boarding class hours. Here's a link of a previous KOB program you are welcome to look at:

    If families with children are here at a time when our KOB program is not offered, or the children are too young to participate in our KOB program, we recommend the family bring a nanny, or a relative to supervise the children during the On Boarding class hours. If this is not feasible we will work with our families to come up with a plan that works for both the family and Mercy Ships. Sometimes the parents take turns watching the kids; sometimes the kids join us in class, depending on the individual circumstance. I'm happy to go into more details if you'd like.

  • Ok, that's very helpful. Thank you for the info. 
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